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With several eLearning content development companies in the market, what really makes us stand apart?

We prioritize creativity, storytelling, and premium quality with no shortcuts. We specialise in design and development of onboarding journeys, compliance training programmes and new age skill development

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It’s as true at work as anywhere else: first impressions matter. You want your new people to feel welcomed and accepted. The onboarding experience plays a big part in ensuring this.

Your new members' first learning experience has to begin on the right tone. That means your induction needs to be an impressive, consistent, quality experience. We can help you get there.


With an ever changing employee landscape, L&D teams need effective, dynamic, and scalable ways to onboard employees, especially when done remotely. Thinkdom's signature Online or Blended Onboarding & Induction modules can help you seamlessly integrate new hires into the organization


Getting off on the right foot

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1. A sense of belonging

Emotions soar high when starting a new job. First and foremost, we focus on your new hires feeling like they've made the right decision. We do so by establishing a 'welcome home feeling'. We encourage kicking things off with an online pre-boarding experience and keep the momentum going with an induction programme.

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2. Communicate the mission

We help new joiners understand and believe in the values your organization stands for, so that they can work towards the same mission. Our onboarding eLearning promotes your organization's story - where and how it started, what are the values & beliefs and what it symbolizes to be a part of the team.

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3. Modify behaviour

Values support what it means to be part of a new organization. Thinkdom helps your employees make decisions and act in line with your values. How do we do this? Through challenges and scenarios that put your values and procedures into action.

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4. Go above and beyond

We'll help your new hires transition into their roles and become productive members of their teams.

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Compliance Trainings like POSH Training can be often boring and preachy. Our POSH course tackles prevention of sexual harassment via Gamification through educational programming and crisis simulation. This successfully influences user behavior and creates higher conformance. We can also help you create and deliver engaging training in all areas of compliance.


Compliance that focusses on Growth & Change

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1. Campaign for Change

Is your compliance connecting with your employees? Training alone is rarely the speck that creates change. Thinkdom's wide reaching, multi-channel campaign approach, aims to bring about that change. Our POSH course for instance does so by recognizing virtual workspace safety & by evoking thoughts on personal comfort levels

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2. Design for Impact

Thinkdom's Compliance Training supports learners through their behavioural change journey through a variety of learning aids. Real life context and stories, scenarios, challenges, motivations and effective assessments are our essentials for compliance success. Our POSH Training involves bystander and manager intervention and gender neutral content to create a larger impact

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3. Lasting Results

Compliance support shouldn’t stop as soon as the course is completed. Thinkdom's self paced compliance courses help employees find the answers for themselves, thereby encouraging social learning alongside peers. This will help to ensure the conversation remains alive much after the course has been completed. Our POSH eLearning fulfils this through learning aids and social learning initiatives


Compliance eLearning, designed by learning experts


Thinkdom uses Scenario Based Training in order to make Compliance Trainings compelling and achieve the required results. Our scenarios normally involves employees working their way through a storyline, which they are required to solve. In the process, employees apply their subject knowledge, and critical thinking and problem solving skills

Scenario-based Learning for the win


We create content specifically designed for Mobile. Mobile-optimized courses are ideal for workers who operate in remote regions and do not have access to computers or workstations

Mobile optimized courses


If you use learning aids consistently over time, it will impact learner behavior. Our learning aids are designed to help improve information retention and employees' ability to work independently and in teams. It also makes room for individualization of learning

Learning Aids
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Soft Skills Training, especially for new age skills, is often tricky to design since learning is open-ended and skills need to be developed rather than learned. Spaced knowledge, adequate practical exposure, and practice are key success factors when developing the training.


Respond to tomorrow’s challenges with on-demand skill development

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1. Subject Matter Variety

Thinkdom's expertise in new age skills like Leadership, feedback, emotional intelligence and organizational development are goal-oriented and results-driven learning. The course will be structured to tap into inducing behavioural changes

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2. A resilient workforce

Thinkdom's skill/upskill/reskill process will help your employees improve their specific skills and stay relevant in the digital age

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3. A culture of learning

Aligning employee interests with critical skills to your organization's success demonstrates prioritization of your employees’ growth and development


Help attract, engage and develop your new joiners


Blended Induction and Onboarding programs deliver a happy balance between an instructor in a traditional classroom and self-paced eLearning. This enables the new hire to learn at their own pace

Blended Induction & Onboarding programmes


Our instructional designers can help you create learner paths for your induction portal, from pre-boarding to onboarding to continual learning experiences

Induction and onboarding portal


You want your new hires to get their information from you, not from the internet. We enable touchpoints from the moment the new joiner decides to work with your organization

Engage from the start

Keep pace while on the job


New skills cannot be developed in one day. Soft skill training with us is based on a continual process of learning. Without this, innovation does not happen, processes remain unchanged, and nothing new is ever accomplished. 

Continuous Training


Simply put, some subjects require more conversation and interaction to reinforce learning, and skill development is definitely one of them. Skill development via blended methods enables discussions, and can easily adapt to the needs of each department

Blended eLearning


Organizations have salespersons, business outlets, customer support centers, and stores located across the country. Moreover, each region has its own unique language and culture. Organizations strive to maintain standard products and services to retain a feeling of familiarity. In such cases, Thinkdom can develop and translate skill-based courses into multiple languages to help ensure a standard training approach

Translation is key
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