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Compliance Training is vital for maintaining a company's reputation and safety. However, they can sometimes seem dull and one-sided, monotonous and unengaging, making employees feel obligated rather than genuinely interested in completing them.

At Thinkdom, we bring life to these critical sessions. Our methods, like gamification with scenarios and simulations, intertwine essential lessons with real-world situations. This keeps learners engaged and ensures they understand and apply the knowledge effectively. 

Our content spans vital topics, including Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) and Data Privacy, ensuring your team is well-equipped across all crucial compliance areas.


Emphasizing Growth & Evolution through Compliance

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1. Campaign for Change

Is your compliance content resonating with your workforce? Singular training sessions seldom spearhead transformation. Thinkdom adopts a broad-based, multi-channel campaign strategy, targeting not just awareness but actionable change. Our POSH compliance course, for example, acknowledges the nuances of virtual workspaces, of bystanders, and stimulates introspection on personal boundaries.

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2. Design for Impact

Our compliance courses are built to make a real difference. Using real-life examples, stories, and challenges, we make sure learners truly get the message. This approach means that what they learn sticks and makes a difference in the workplace.

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3. Lasting Results

The learning shouldn't stop once the training is over. Thinkdom's Compliance Training courses are designed for employees to learn at their own pace, encouraging them to think deeply and learn from each other. This way, the lessons learned keep being discussed and applied long after the training has ended.


From Obligation to Inspiration


At Thinkdom, we use Scenario-Based Training to make compliance topics easy to understand and interesting. Through detailed stories, learners experience situations where they use their knowledge, think critically, and solve problems. This approach ensures that the lessons resonate, leading to authentic application in real-world situations.

Scenario-based Learning for the win


Our content is also designed for mobile use, meeting the different needs of today's workers. This is great for those working in places where they might not have easy access to computers or the internet. By eliminating accessibility barriers, we ensure continuous learning anytime, anywhere.

Mobile-optimized courses


Using learning aids regularly can really help shape how learners behave. Our aids are made to improve memory of the content, self-learning, and teamwork. These tools help everyone but also allow for personal learning paths. With varied strategies, employees can revisit and reinforce concepts at their own pace, leading to deeper comprehension.

Learning Aids
  • Learner Profile: All employees

  • Client Profile: Organisations with >10 employees

  • Purpose: Undertake mandatory training for employees on the prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace

  • Thinkdom's Learning Solution: Compelling, interactive & gamified POSH eLearning course using innovative strategies that impact learner behavior


With Thinkdom, you're not just ticking off a compliance box; you're strengthening the backbone of your organization. Let's collaborate and set new standards for your operations. Because with the right compliance training, every decision becomes a testament to integrity and excellence.

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