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Top 10 AI Video Design Tools for Corporate eLearning (2024 Updated)

Updated: Mar 14

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Video-based learning is making waves in the corporate training world. Why, you ask? Well, it’s engaging, easy to grasp, and appeals to learners of all ages. Imagine having complex information served to you in a fun, digestible format - that’s the magic of video-based learning!

Now, let’s talk about today’s digital age. We’re all about consuming content on-the-go. Video-based learning fits right into this lifestyle. It’s flexible, accessible, and perfect for organisations looking to speed up their Learning and Development (L&D) strategies. But wait, there’s more! Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken this domain by storm, simplifying video creation and empowering L&D teams to enhance their training programs. Stay tuned as this blog walks you through some top-notch AI tools that can help design engaging video-based corporate eLearning experiences.

Why use AI Generators for video-based Corporate eLearning?

AI generators are transforming video-based corporate eLearning. They enable quick production of multiple training videos across various subjects, making the process less resource-intensive. With AI, you can incorporate a diverse array of avatars and voiceovers, making the content more inclusive. The high-definition videos generated enhance the learning experience. Customization is another strength of AI, with custom avatars and templates tailoring the learning experience to individual needs. It also allows for real-time video editing and updating, ensuring training content is always current.

Interactive elements in AI videos boost engagement and retention. It:

  • Makes learning accessible to everyone with subtitles, regardless of their abilities.

  • Ensures content consistency, maintaining a consistent quality and style across multiple videos.

  • Simplifies the video creation process, enabling even those without technical expertise to create videos. Using AI generators is a strategic move towards efficient and effective learning.

Top AI Generators for video-based Corporate eLearning

1. Vyond

  • Top Features: Offers Text To Images, Instant Video Translation, and Video to Action.

  • Best Known For: Its vast library of GoAnimate voices and ease of use.

  • Ease of Use: Beginner-friendly.

  • Pricing: Plans start from $49/month.

Vyond is a tool that uses AI to make video creation a breeze for corporate eLearning. It’s very simple to use, no matter your skill level, because it has a user-friendly interface, a step-by-step guide, and a helpful support team. Users can create awesome videos with just some prompts or your own content. Users can also use features like creating Images from text, switching video languages in a flash, and making characters from photos. Vyond’s videos are high-quality and inclusive, which makes learning more engaging and effective. It is a wise investment, as it helps users save time and money and create a fantastic video-based corporate eLearning experience.

  • Top Features: AI-powered video generation from text, images, and other media.

  • Best Known For: Transforming long-form content into short, shareable videos.

  • Ease of Use: Beginner-friendly.

  • Pricing: Plans start from $19/month.

Pictory uses AI to help users turn scripts into videos in no time. It’s easy to use for beginners because it has a simple interface, a clear workflow. It has a huge media library and makes videos from blog posts, so users don’t need to spend hours preparing. It makes catchy video reels that users can share to promote your eLearning solutions or courses. It also lets users make short summary videos from webinars, podcasts, and VILT sessions. With its captivating and easy-to-follow content, Pictory is a smart option for video-based corporate eLearning.

  • Top Features: AI avatars, AI voice, video templates, and an editing studio.

  • Best Known For: Transforming text into engaging videos with AI presenters.

  • Ease of Use: Beginner-friendly to intermediate level.

  • Pricing: Plans start from $30/month.

Synthesia uses AI to make videos for a global audience. It helps you overcome language barriers and train your workforce across different locations. With voiceovers in 120 languages and 140 AI avatars, Synthesia makes learning videos that suit a diverse workforce. It also adds closed captions to videos automatically, making learning easier. With more than 50 templates. Its ease of use is from beginner-friendly to intermediate level because it has a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to create videos from text in minutes. It is a powerful tool for video-based corporate eLearning, making learning more fun and inclusive.

  • Top Features: Invideo offers AI-powered text-to-video conversion, pre-built templates, and a vast library of stock footage, images, and music.

  • Best Known For: Social media and content marketing videos.

  • Ease of Use: Beginner-friendly.

  • Pricing: Invideo offers a free version, a Business plan for $30/month, and an Unlimited plan for $60/month.

InVideo uses AI to help users create videos like a pro. It has over 5,000 ready-made templates, a built-in video editing tool, and an AI video generator1. This platform is made to solve the problems of non-video editors when making new content. It can help users with company’s training video productions that are fun and easy to follow, improving message recall. Its huge library of templates fits different video storyboards, making it simple to create videos for specific learning goals. Plus, InVideo is affordable, making it a smart choice for businesses. It is a one-stop solution for all video-based Corporate eLearning needs, making learning more enjoyable, accessible, and effective.

5. Lumen5

  • Top Features: AI-powered text-to-video technology with a vast media library.

  • Best Known For: Enabling quick and engaging video content creation.

  • Ease of Use: Beginner-friendly.

  • Pricing: Offers a free plan, with paid plans starting at $29 per month.

Lumen5 is a tool that uses AI to turn written content into videos. It's beginner-friendly because users can just enter a link to an article or text, and Lumen5 will make it into a video. Users can also change the music, images, and format of the video. It is awesome for Learning. It can make training videos for employees from existing materials, making learning more fun and easy with multimedia and knowledge sharing. This makes Lumen5 a powerful tool for video-based corporate eLearning, improving understanding and retention of information.

  • Top Features: Veed provides intuitive tools, transcription, and clip creation.

  • Best Known For: Renowned for its extensive video editing capabilities.

  • Ease of Use: Beginner-friendly.

  • Pricing: Free Plan available, Pro Plan at $30/month is a tool that uses AI to help users edit videos online. Users can do things like add subtitles, change text, use a stock library, and choose music & sound wave options. Users can also use one-click features for transcriptions, background removal, noise reduction, and various filters & effects. lets users work with others live and resize your videos for different platforms. Features like auto-transcription and subtitle generation make sure everyone can access your videos. The live collaboration feature makes learning more interactive, making Veed a great choice for making high-quality, engaging, and accessible learning content for video-based corporate eLearning. Its intuitive interface and one-click features make it a user-friendly tool, suitable for beginners to intermediate level users for quick and professional video editing.

  • Top Features: AI-driven video synthesis, multilingual support, customizable avatars.

  • Best Known For: Realistic AI avatar videos.

  • Ease of Use: Intermediate to Expert level

  • Pricing: Plans start from $30 per month.

DeepBrain AI uses AI to help users make videos with just a script. users can choose from realistic AI avatars, different languages, and various avatars that users can customise. The tool gives users easy editing tools and helps users cut down video production time and costs by up to 80%. It also has features like social media management and drag-and-drop templates. For video-based corporate elearning, It can turn your teaching materials into fun, interactive, and accessible online learning videos, making it a great tool for creating diverse and inclusive content. Its standout feature is its straightforward text-to-speech capability, which allows users to have a video ready in as little as 5 minutes, making it beginner-friendly and suitable for intermediate level users.

  • Top Features: AI video generation, text-to-video, multilingual support.

  • Best Known For: Text-to-video capability, voice cloning.

  • Ease of Use: Beginner-friendly to intermediate level.

  • Pricing: Free trial, paid plans from $29/month. is a tool that uses AI to turn text into personalised videos with digital avatars. users can use text-to-video, PPT-to-video, auto translations, and voice cloning. Users can also choose from 65+ languages, 450+ voices, 80+ avatars, and 50+ templates, to make videos instantly. It changes video-based corporate eLearning by making it cheaper and easier to create content. Its features like video capture, text overlay, HD resolution, and collaboration tools make it perfect for creating fun, multilingual materials for training for companies.’s allows users to create professional videos quickly, making it beginner to intermediate user-friendly.

  • Top Features: Intuitive video creation with templates and a vast stock library.

  • Best Known For: Easy-to-use cloud-based video editor, ideal for slideshow-style videos.

  • Ease of Use: Beginner-friendly.

  • Pricing: Paid plans start from $15 per month.

Animoto the cloud to help users make videos with ease. Users can use drag-and-drop tools and visual effects to make your videos look awesome. users can also choose from customizable templates, a huge stock library, and screen recording. Animoto helps users create videos that grab attention and drive engagement, both on social media and beyond. It’s a great tool for video-based corporate eLearning, letting users make training videos without any hassle. With Animoto, users can welcome new customers and employees with tutorial videos, boost employee engagement, and recruit candidates effectively. Its drag-and-drop feature and intuitive interface make it a user-friendly tool, ideal for beginners and intermediate users for quick, professional video creation.

  • Top Features: Offers AI avatars, auto-translation, and scenario-based learning templates.

  • Best Known For: AI video generator platform that simplifies video creation.

  • Ease of Use: Intermediate to Expert level

  • Pricing: Free trial available, paid plans start from $28/month.

Colossyan uses AI to help users make videos from boring PDFs and PowerPoint presentations. users can use cool features like AI avatars, auto-translation, and scenario-based learning templates. What makes Colossian special is its ability to make avatars look older and show emotions, which makes the videos more realistic and engaging. It also lets users have up to 4 avatars in one scene, making the videos more dynamic. These features make Colossian a powerful tool and for experts for making engaging, personalised videos for corporate eLearning.

Now that we've covered the basics of each tool, let's take a closer look through a straightforward comparison. This breakdown aims to provide you with a clear view to assist in making an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences.

A comparison table of different AI tools' prices, free trials, and best-known features.

Now that you have a clear view to assist in making an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences, embrace this evolution by integrating AI generators to revolutionize your team's learning experience. Take the next step and explore advanced video-based Learning with Thinkdom to shape your corporate eLearning journey.


Hello, could you please show me how Animoto works? I have never heard of this program. I would like to see examples of working with it. I have used free screen recorder for Windows before, but I want to try something new and compare.


Sankar M
Sankar M
Feb 06

Thanks for the valuable information, here i would like to suggest one more tool which is recognized as AI Application of the year. "Steve.AI" the only AI tool to convert text to video. My personal experience with this tool was awesome, it saves my precious time.

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