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Top 5 eLearning Experts You Must Follow On YouTube

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Since its creation, YouTube has remained the most popular video streaming platform in the World. It has revolutionized many industries, including education. YouTube has made it possible for anyone with an internet connection to access quality educational content for free. Channels such as Khan Academy and CrashCourse are a couple of major channels that have taken over this platform and transformed many lives.

You might be wondering why YouTube is so important for learning and development (L&D) folks. Well, let's break it down. Being in a sector that is constantly evolving, having a platform that is free of cost and provides access to unlimited information from experts can be a game changer for your career.

So, whether you're looking to upskill, re-skill, or just satisfy your curiosity, YouTube is where it's at. And trust us, we've scoured the platform to bring you the crème de la crème of eLearning experts who are ready to guide you on your learning journey.

Here are our picks of the Top five eLearning experts on YouTube 

1. Anna Sabramowicz 

Anna Sabramowicz is a well-known e-learning and instructional design expert specializing in Scenario-Based Learning and Interactive Storytelling. She has worked with several prestigious clients such as Adidas, Sony, and Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. Anna's YouTube channel offers a variety of videos for L&D developers and e-learning developers, such as strategies to create more engagement in your e-learning course and how to use Articulate 360. 

Her magnetic charm and genuine warmth are as captivating as her videos. It's not just her expertise that draws people in, but her infectious personality as well. With over two decades of experience in this field, following Anna's channel is a great way to gain industry insights from a seasoned veteran.

Most viewed videos on Anna’s channel 

Take a peek at Anna's channel and see which videos have risen to the top as favourites among viewers.

2. The eLearning Design Academy 

This channel is hosted by Tim Slade, a highly experienced eLearning designer, speaker, and author who is passionate about improving learning experiences through creative design. Tim has over a decade of experience in eLearning and visual communications, and his expertise in these fields has earned him numerous accolades within the industry. Tim’s channel is a sweet welcome to anyone starting their journey in eLearning development. 

The best part of subscribing to Tim's channel is his videos where he explains the challenges one would face while developing e-learning content. You get to hear step-by-step solutions and understand the thought process behind it. 

Top most viewed videos on The eLearning Design Academy channel 

Take a peek at the channel and see which videos have risen to the top as favourites among the viewers.

3. One Skill PowerPoint

Looking to improve your PowerPoint presentations? You don't need to look any further than One Skill PowerPoint. This YouTube channel is perfect for anyone who wants to create captivating presentations. Whether you're an experienced L&D professional or just starting, One Skill PowerPoint has something for everyone. The channel covers everything from basic formatting tips to advanced animation techniques.

The best part of this channel is how straightforward it is. There's no fluff, just clear instructions and actionable tips. As making PowerPoint presentations is a valuable skill for every L&D developer, it's worth subscribing to this channel. With the help of One Skill PowerPoint, you'll never make a boring presentation again!

Top most viewed videos in One Skill PowerPoint channel 

Take a peek at the channel and see which videos have risen to the top as favourites among the viewers.

4. Devlin Peck

Meet Devlin Peck, a seasoned instructional designer with years of experience dedicated to helping others in eLearning development. His content covers various topics, from designing effective eLearning to exploring instructional design theories and models. The channel is catered to beginners and seasoned L&D professionals. What makes Devlin stand out is his talent for summarizing complex concepts. 

Whether you're aiming to land your first instructional design job or learn in depth about different models and theories,  subscribing to his channel can greatly benefit your career. Our favourite part of the channel is their book club. They recommend the best books for creating good courses and summarize them for easier understanding.

Top most viewed videos on Devlin Peck's channel 

Take a peek at Devlin’s channel and see which videos have risen to the top as favourites among the viewers.

5. David Anderson

Welcome to the world of eLearning designing with David Anderson! David works at Articulate and shares invaluable insights on utilizing Articulate 360 for creating eLearning courses. As a trusted expert directly involved with the platform, David offers unparalleled knowledge straight from the source. L&D developers stand to benefit immensely from his channel, gaining firsthand access to tips, tricks, and best practices for maximizing the potential of Articulate 360. 

The perks of subscribing to David's channel are that you will be the first to learn about new updates and customizations in articulate 360. In all his videos, David has a charming smile, and his calm temper is just a bonus that reminds you of your favourite teacher from school.

Top most viewed videos on David Anderson's channel 

Take a peek at David’s channel and see which videos have risen to the top as favourites among the viewers.


A laptop screen illuminated by a spotlight, showcasing eLearning tutorials on YouTube, symbolizing a bright path of online learning

YouTube hosts a wide variety of skilled e-learning designers who are committed to educating individuals on various methods for creating impactful e-learning courses. The key is to identify the ones that will enhance your growth in the industry. Subscribing to these channels is a simple way to stay informed on the latest trends and receive valuable advice from industry experts. You will gain insight into challenges and learn how to address them. 

Why miss out on free advice? Subscribe to these experts today and start flourishing!

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