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2024’s Comprehensive List of Best eLearning Companies in India

Updated: Jan 4

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In today’s competitive landscape, organisations are keen on enhancing their employees’ skills and ensuring task proficiency. They aim to empower their employees with learning opportunities, transforming them into valuable assets. This is where the top eLearning companies of 2024 step in, elevating employee capabilities and offering transformative experiences. These eLearning companies in India deliver exceptional services, aiding clients in scaling their staff development and training endeavours. We’ve curated a list of top eLearning companies in India who excel in delivering impactful and engaging online learning experiences. Let’s get started!

Leading eLearning Companies in India

Thinkdom is an award-winning eLearning solutions provider in India that specialises in creating engaging and learner-centric solutions. They offer a range of services from custom eLearning content development to innovative andragogies and gamification techniques. Their approach ensures a competitive edge for organisations by enhancing the corporate learning experience.

  • Address: Bengaluru, India

  • Phone Number: +91-9663718210

  • Offerings: Custom eLearning services, rapid design & development, eLearning gamification, video-based learning, microlearning, mobile learning, blended learning, rapid eLearning services.

  • Why choose them? Recognized with the Economic Times HR award for the best onboarding program in 2023, Offer a blend of fun and functional learning solutions, Specialize in engaging and learner-centric eLearning solutions.

Swift eLearning Services is renowned for its customised and cost-effective eLearning solutions that perfectly match organisational training needs. With a focus on creating engaging learning experiences, they have delivered over 10,000 comprehensive training courses across various disciplines.

  • Address: Hyderabad, India 

  • Phone Number: +91 40 40265193

  • Offerings: Custom eLearning development, rapid eLearning, mobile learning, translation and localization services.

  • Why choose them? Provide customised and cost-effective eLearning solutions, Deliver engaging learning experiences across various disciplines, Offer scalable solutions for workforce skill enhancement.

Upside Learning is dedicated to delivering deeper learning experiences that improve retention and transfer, achieving desired outcomes. They specialise in custom eLearning content development solutions that impact learner engagement and performance.

  • Address: Pune, India

  • Phone Number: +91-20-2523 6050

  • Offerings: Custom eLearning, mobile learning, microlearning, gamification, rapid eLearning.

  • Why choose them? Dedicated to delivering deeper learning experiences for better retention and transfer, Specialise in custom eLearning content development, Focuse on impactful learner engagement and performance.

G-Cube is one of the eLearning companies in India offering innovative eLearning solutions like Wizdom Training and Wizdom Motion, catering to various learning needs.

  • Address: Noida, India

  • Phone Number: +91 120 400 0200

  • Offerings: Wizdom Training, Wizdom Motion, Cloud Computing Service, Life Sciences Solution.

  • Why choose them? Offer innovative eLearning solutions like Wizdom Training and Wizdom Motion, Provide a diverse range of services, including cloud computing and life sciences solutions, Known for its specialised field collaboration opportunities.

The Center for eLearning and Training (C-eLT) has been at the forefront of eLearning development, providing expert tutoring services for over a decade. They offer high-quality, flexible eLearning and online tutoring at an affordable cost.

  • Address: Pune, India

  • Phone Number: +91 – 020 – 6680 0300

  • Offerings: One-on-one eTutoring services for Mathematics, Statistics, English, Sciences, and Accounting/Finance.

  • Why choose them? Over a decade of experience in eLearning development, Provide high-quality, flexible eLearning and online tutoring, Known for affordability and expertise in subject matter.

eNyota Learning is known for its custom eLearning courses that are tailored to fit the unique needs and culture of their clients, ensuring engaging and effective learning experiences.

  • Address: Pune, India

  • Phone Number: +91 20 4902 2500

  • Offerings: Custom eLearning solutions, mobile learning, translation and localization, animated explainer videos.

  • Why choose them? Offer custom eLearning courses tailored to client needs and culture, Specialise in mobile and animated learning solutions, Known for engaging and effective learning experiences.

CommLab India is one of the eLearning companies in India that excels in providing rapid eLearning solutions, helping organisations convert their instructor-led training material into engaging eLearning formats.

  • Address: Secunderabad, India

  • Phone Number: +91-40-27803080

  • Offerings: Rapid eLearning solutions, ILT to eLearning conversion, legacy course refurbishment.

  • Why choose them? Excel in rapid eLearning solutions, Specialise in ILT to eLearning conversion and legacy course refurbishment, Known for quick and efficient training transformations.

Shezartech is an award-winning technology solutions company that offers a wide array of services including eLearning solutions that are both innovative and effective.

  • Address: Mumbai, India

  • Phone Number: +91 9819361684

  • Offerings: Enterprise mobile and web app development, analytics, learning content, eLearning solutions, LMS.

  • Why choose them? An award-winning technology solutions company with a wide array of services, Provide comprehensive technology solutions and eLearning expertise, Valuable for businesses leveraging digital learning platforms.

EI Design is a leader in the eLearning space, offering technology-enabled solutions that are designed to address specific business needs and result in improved job performance.

  • Address: Bangalore, India

  • Phone Number: (080) 25202677

  • Offerings: Custom eLearning, microlearning, mobile learning, gamification, blended learning solutions.

  • Why choose them? Offer technology-enabled solutions addressing specific business needs, Over two decades of experience in the eLearning space, Known for its global presence and comprehensive services.

Excelsoft Technologies provides innovative technology-based solutions in the learning, assessments, and training management space, serving a diverse range of clients.

  • Address: Mysore, India

  • Phone Number: +91 8214282000

  • Offerings: eLearning products and services for educational publishers, universities, schools, government, defence, and corporate sectors.

  • Why choose them? Provide innovative technology-based solutions in learning, assessments, and training management, Serve a diverse range of clients including educational publishers, universities, and corporate sectors, Key player for partnerships in digital transformation initiatives.

Zeus Learning is a global eLearning firm that provides cutting-edge learning solutions, leveraging technology and design to create exceptional educational experiences.

  • Address: Mumbai, India

  • Phone Number: 022 6666 6626

  • Offerings: eLearning solutions, product engineering, mobile and HTML5 development, software simulation, LMS, CMS, TEI systems.

  • Why choose them? Global eLearning firm with cutting-edge learning solutions, Focuse on product engineering and agile development processes, Valuable for creating standout eLearning products.

NIIT is one of the eLearning companies that in India offers a wide array of training programs and services, catering to individuals, enterprises, and institutions across various sectors.

  • Address: Gurgaon, India

  • Phone Number: +91 (124) 4293000

  • Offerings: IT training, educational services for schools, banking, finance, insurance training, corporate learning solutions.

  • Why choose them? Offer a wide array of training programs and services across various sectors, Known for its extensive footprint and comprehensive training solutions, Ideal for global educational and talent development initiatives.

As we conclude our exploration of the vibrant eLearning landscape in India for 2024. Each company brings its unique strengths and innovative approaches to the table, ensuring that organisations can find the perfect partner to meet their learning and development needs.Choose an eLearning partner aligned with your vision to effectively empower employees and transform your organisation.


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