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Top 10 Tools for Learning and Development: Expert Picks from the Top 100 Tools

Image of a person on a laptop with icons of learning tools, social media, and productivity apps

In a world where learning and development are increasingly crucial, it's important to recognize the tools that can revolutionise these processes. The top 10 tools from the Top 100 Tools for Learning survey showcase the best in this field, providing innovative solutions that cater to a range of learning needs. This blog focuses on the emerging trends in learning needs, highlighting the learning tools, each distinct in its functionality and ability to enrich learning experiences. They're not just supportive aids but catalysts for engagement, motivation, and effective learning in modern workplaces.

Trends in the Top 10 Learning Tools of 2023

  1. YouTube's Consistency: Remains at the top, likely due to its unparalleled range of educational content and global accessibility.

  2. Rise of AI in Learning: ChatGPT's entry into the top ranks reflects a growing preference for AI-driven, personalized learning experiences.

  3. Shifts in Communication Tools: Tools like MS Teams rise in rankings, highlighting a shift towards collaborative and remote learning environments.

  4. Evolving Preferences: Changes in rankings of tools like PowerPoint and Zoom suggest evolving preferences towards more interactive and versatile learning methods.

Top 10 Tools for Learning and Development


YouTube stands as a premier video-sharing platform, offering an extensive library of diverse content, making it a central resource for educational and instructional videos. YouTube maintains its leading position for the eighth year in a row, highlighting its critical role as a primary source of learning content and a venue for sharing videos.

  • L&D Professionals can use it for: Curating learning and development playlists and supplementing training modules with diverse video content.

  • Cost: Free

  • Availability: Online

2023 Reviews & Insights

In 2023, YouTube stands out as the top learning and development tool, celebrated for its extraordinary versatility and comprehensive content. It's renowned globally as an unmatched 'How-To' source, offering tutorials on virtually any subject imaginable. Professionals praise it as a go-to resource for step-by-step guidance, making complex tasks approachable. Its popularity also stems from its role as a favourite platform for quick self-learning, catering to diverse needs ranging from academic subjects to professional skills. These wide-ranging use cases solidify YouTube's position as the number one choice for individuals seeking knowledge, skill enhancement, or even just a helping hand in their learning journey.

Google Search

Renowned as a vital elearning instrument, Google Search is acclaimed for its extensive and robust search capabilities.

  • L&D Professionals can use it for: Quick and diverse information essential for research and knowledge gathering in learning and development contexts.

  • Cost: Complimentary

  • Availability: Online

2023 Reviews & Insights

Google Search is highly valued for its ability to provide rapid and reliable access to a vast array of information, making it an indispensable tool for research and decision-making. Professionals appreciate its efficiency in delivering quick answers and facts, which are critical in designing content and strategies that align with client interests and company objectives. Its daily, all-encompassing use across various industries underlines its position as an essential resource for learning and development in the professional world. 

Microsoft Teams

A comprehensive workspace solution in Office 365, offering chat, videoconferencing, file storage, and app integration.

  • L&D Professionals can use it for: Collaboration, communication, and organization of learning activities in an interactive digital environment.

  • Cost: Subscription Needed for Office365 

  • Availability: Online

2023 Reviews & Insights

Teams shines as a 'virtual office,' seamlessly integrating communication, collaboration, and file sharing, vital for remote and hybrid work environments. It facilitates not just meetings and chats but also integrates with SharePoint sites to host documents, guiding professionals through specific knowledge hubs. Teams enable seamless document collaboration, communication, and project management, making it an indispensable tool for team efficiency and connectivity, especially in remote and hybrid work environments.

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is a large language model-based chatbot. It offers instant answers, creative inspiration, and learning opportunities on a wide range of topics.

  • L&D Professionals can use it for: Generating ideas, drafting content, and providing instant information, enhancing learning experiences.

  • Cost: Free

  • Availability: Online, iOS, and Android

2023 Reviews & Insights

ChatGPT in 2023 has been widely acclaimed for its versatility in various professional and educational settings. Users appreciate its ability to provide instant answers, generate creative content, and assist in learning. It's particularly noted for its effectiveness in formulating prompts, writing and summarizing texts, and enhancing the creative process. ChatGPT is also recognized for its role in the workplace as an on-demand coach and a valuable tool for generating ideas, lesson plans, and course content. Its capability to translate and assist in lesson planning adds to its utility in educational contexts.

PowerPoint, developed by Microsoft, is a versatile presentation tool widely used for creating slideshows that can include a variety of multimedia elements.

  • L&D Professionals can use it for: Creating visually appealing and interactive presentations to support training sessions.

  • Cost: Commercial, with a free trial available

  • Availability: Downloadable, and online through Office365

2023 Reviews & Insights

PowerPoint in 2023 was widely recognized for its versatility beyond traditional presentations. Users from various fields like elearning, and digital design appreciate its new AI features and its ease of use for creating diverse materials like slides, videos, timelines, posters, and banners. Its capabilities for dynamic presentations with multimedia elements, animations, and transitions are highlighted for impactful delivery. PowerPoint's adaptability for different purposes, including screen casting and group annotation activities, underlines its continued relevance in both educational and professional contexts.

LinkedIn is a professional networking service, widely used for connecting with professionals and staying informed about industry trends.

  • L&D Professionals can use it for: Networking opportunities, access to industry insights, and a platform for continuous professional learning and development.

  • Cost: Free, with premium versions available

  • Availability: Online

2023 Reviews & Insights

LinkedIn in 2023 was valued for its role in professional networking and continuous learning. Users appreciate its ability to connect with others in the industry, gain insights from thought leaders, and access a variety of resources for self-improvement. It's seen as a platform for keeping up with industry trends, building professional networks, and discovering new opportunities. The diverse content on LinkedIn, ranging from articles to posts by experts, is recognized for contributing to professional growth and knowledge sharing.

Wikipedia serves as a comprehensive resource for quickly obtaining overviews on various topics, and it also facilitates deeper research through its cited sources.

  • L&D Professionals can use it for: Initial research and quick information gathering on a wide array of topics.

  • Cost: Free

  • Availability: Online

2023 Reviews & Insights

Wikipedia in 2023 was recognized as a key resource for quickly finding out about a topic and for delving into primary resources for deeper information. It's praised as the best library in the world. Users appreciate its ability to provide an overview of a topic, with the added benefit of in-depth exploration through good source references. 

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is renowned for its versatility and functionality in word processing, catering to a wide range of document creation needs.

  • L&D Professionals can use it for: Creating, editing, and sharing a variety of text-based learning and training materials.

  • Cost: Commercial with a Free Trial option

  • Availability: Downloadable and accessible online via Office365

2023 Reviews & Insights

Microsoft Word was celebrated for its robust functionality and adaptability in document creation and editing. Known as the 'cornerstone of documentation,' it's trusted for its ability to produce structured, professional documents with ease and precision. Widely used as a collaborative tool, it facilitates working with remote colleagues seamlessly. Its user-friendly nature and familiar interface make it a fundamental tool across various fields for writing, organizing ideas, and content creation.

Google Docs & Drive encompasses a suite of tools for document creation and cloud storage, fostering both individual productivity and collaborative work.

  • L&D Professionals can use it for: Collaborative document creation and cloud storage, facilitating teamwork and resource sharing.

  • Cost: Free

  • Availability: Online

2023 Reviews & Insights

Google Docs & Drive in 2023 are lauded for their collaborative features and cloud-based convenience. Users appreciate the ease of creating, sharing, and accessing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Its ability to support collaboration in real-time across different devices and locations is particularly valued. Professionals utilize these tools for a variety of purposes, ranging from course management to project coordination, underscoring their versatility in workplace settings.

Zoom offers a comprehensive solution for video conferencing, online meetings, and group messaging, integrating various communication needs into a single platform.

  • L&D Professionals can use it for: Virtual meetings and webinars, supporting remote and hybrid learning and development programs.

  • Cost: Free and Premium versions

  • Availability: Online

2023 Reviews & Insights

Zoom in 2023 was highly valued for its role in virtual communication and learning. It's appreciated for its video conferencing capabilities, supporting online classrooms, lessons, and discussions. Users enjoy features like annotation, whiteboard, and breakout rooms for interactive sessions. Zoom is also noted for its ease of use, making it a preferred tool for both professional meetings and online teaching, as well as for personal communication during the pandemic.

Wrapping Up

The next step for L&D professionals, after delving into these top tools, is to thoughtfully incorporate them into training strategies. It's crucial to tailor these tools to the unique learning styles and needs of each team, ensuring a more engaging and effective learning experience. Whether leveraging YouTube for diverse content, Google Search for extensive research, or ChatGPT for interactive learning, each tool presents distinct advantages. The aim is to foster a dynamic and innovative learning environment that transcends traditional methods. This approach not only equips teams with current knowledge but also prepares them to excel in a constantly evolving professional landscape.


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